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Title: Giftopia x samplestore ♥
written on Monday, October 17, 2016 @ 9:23 PM ✈{ 0 comments }

Hello hello everyone! 

I was invited by Sample store to Giftopia last weekend and here's a summary of what happened during the weekends at the event!

One of the many booths at the event.

Pretty postcards!

Beauty-Keeper is also very kind to gift the influencers an entire box of goodies to pamper us from head to toe!!! From shampoo to mask to collagen!!!! #Blessed

Vaniday also have a booth there where they are offering really affordable express manicures and I have my nails done by the very talented Tania from Cutieclesbyt !

I was the first one at the booth #kiasu HAHA but it's a smart move ok cox after that alot of people are queuing up for the manicure.

My new nails with my new phone case that my sister got for me! 

There's also a booth which they offer temporary tattoos! I didn't get to try it though as the queue is pretty long after I'm done with my manicure. 

Food catered by Branches Cafe!
I was invited for a cafe tasting but I've to turned it down cox of work commitments and I finally got to try it at the event and HOLYMAMA THEIR FOOD IS SO DAMN GOOD?!?!?! I love their mini red velvet! Don't see it so small ah, it's super duper rich in taste and good omg *__*
The squid ink mini burger bun also super yums! the patty is super tender and juicy one! /drooling/
Even my bf approves. (He's a really picky eater btw lol)

With my +1 for the day!
Thanks for helping me carry all the heavy bags! <3 And he specially went down to get me macarons while I was doing my manicure cox I said I was craving for them T____T 


I haven't been blogging alot because there ain't lots of exciting things happening in my life right now LOL. I wanted to blog about the craftholic cafe but almost everything is out of stock except for the cake and parfaits :x So I can't really do a proper review on it... Hopefully I will have a new blog post up soon!!! 

Title: Kyushu Pancake Cafe Review ♥
written on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 @ 12:29 AM ✈{ 0 comments }

We arrived at about 1230pm and as you can see, the place is already pretty packed. The cafe is quite small, so it would be better if you call and make a reservation to guarantee a seat. 

I actually read online somewhere that their service is bad, but we were greeted with a very friendly Japanese lady (She seems like a Japanese from her accent, or isit I'm just bias? lol) and it was a really nice experience there. 

I would strongly recommend you to go during the lunch time as you can add on the drinks for just $3 for any mains purchase. Best thing? You can choose the most expensive drink at about $8 :3 #singaporean

Some of the mains on the menu.

I ordered the Buttermilk pancakes ($8.50) + iced fruit tea ($3.00 with the lunch promotion, if not it will be $7.90 for a cup) while my sister ordered the kyushu pancakes ($7.90) + Dorayaki smoothie ($3.00 with lunch promo, $8 w/o) Oh, and sorry to mention that there's a 10% service charge + 7% gst. 

Both of the pancakes come with the wild honey sauce and fruit syrup, which complements really well with the pancakes. The whipped cream was super duper light, that it feels fat free lol! The buttermilk pancakes feel slightly sweeter then the kyushu one, but both tasted dense instead of fluffy. It's a totally different kind of pancakes like the one you have at Macdonalds. 

Drinks wise, the iced fruit tea tasted like lemon tea, but they were pretty generous with the fruits though - kiwis, strawberries, lemon and apples. I had a sip of my sister's Dorayaki smoothie, it's super duper sweet and milky, highly recommended for someone that has an extremely sweet tooth. 

Location wise, it is not very easy to find and we took a cab there from Novena. But actually it's just opposite la lol. Have to cross the overhead bridge and walk abit. 

Overall experience: The pancakes here sort of tasted healthier of some sort? I will definitely be back to try some of their other pancakes creations! On a side note, they also sell the pancake flours, so if you're interested in making them at home, they do sell the flours ranging from $7 - $8+. 

275 Thomson Rd, 307645 

Open Mon-Sun · 11AM–9PM 

6352 6265

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