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Title: Bunny color gray lenses Review ♥
written on Wednesday, August 5, 2015 @ 5:30 AM ✈{ 0 comments }

*Sponsored Post

Hello everyone!!!
I'm a huge fan of lenses, especially enlarging ones because they make a significant difference to your eyes. Today I'm going to review on the Bunny color gray lenses that was kindly sponsored by klenspop 

Firstly, isn't the name of the lens cute?!?! I guess it's called bunny cox most bunny are grey in color? 

You call me? lol.

Ok back to topic.

The lenses came in a small carton box like this:

Comes with a contact lens wearing manual for first timer!

Thoughtfully came with a lens case and tweezer!

Color of lens by itself.

Photos of lens (Indoor light):

From the photos you can actually see that it is actually very natural looking with a faint grey color if you look carefully. Super love!

Here's a close up off how the lens look like while wearing! 
You can't really see the color but you can see the enlarging effect of the lenses.

The Bunny Color Grey lenses ain't that enlarging with a graphic diameter of 13.3mm, which is suitable for those that want to wear color lenses without the crazily enlarged eyes. 

If you're interested in getting your hands on these lenses, click on the banner at the side of my blog under advertisement to get them! Use the discount code as stated on the banner for a 10% off :)

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